Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy day

What a mess I worked on yesterday! I decided it was finally time to get down to business and clean out my library book baskets. With over 95 baskets accessible to kids, I knew this would take me a while. No matter how hard I try at the end of each year to keep my baskets organized, there is always that last minute rush to get everything put away - even if it doesn't belong there - just put it somewhere! So now I am left cleaning up that mess. ;) Yesterday, I managed to organize each of the picture book baskets. This meant pulling them from the shelf and making sure that each book that is in the basket belongs there. There were hundreds and hundreds of books to check, but it was nice to spend the time revisiting all of the great texts I have. When you have so many, it is easy to forget some wonderful books. 

What a mess! 14 large picture book baskets to go through!

Just making sure all books are in the correct basket.
It takes a  bit of work sometimes, but the system
I use has been the best so far. 

Now that I have all of the picture books reorganized, I have to get a hold of all those chapter books! This will take me a while because I have so many new books and no room for more baskets. I have still not wrapped my mind around how I might correct this. It is just not in me to get rid of a book...Hello my name is Tina, and I am a book hoarder! In the seven years that I have taught, my library has grown by an average of 1000 books a year. I am just SO running out of space! Secretly, I am hoping that my school will see my desperate need for help and graciously offer to add on to my room, ha-ha!

No room for a single new basket - oh what to do, what to do??

Okay, so I have not finished the larger library and it might be a few days before I get it all done. It will take lots of soul searching as I go through each basket to determine what my students are actually reading and enjoying, and what I might actually be able to shuffle around to other libraries in my room. 

I did reorganize and clean up on of my smaller student libraries though. This small library is one of our nonfiction areas. Of all of the texts in my room, this is my greatest weakness! I spent a lot of last year focusing on nonfiction purchases, and I will continue to do the same this year. With Common Core rolling around, I really need to work on this! I have to admit that today's nonfiction doesn't even compare to what was being published when I was in fourth grade. I have really been enjoying some of the wonderful nonfiction  pieces that I have picked up lately, and even more, I am loving that the boys in my room are loving it just as much!
One of our smaller libraries...all organized (if  a little crowded)

After all of the cleaning in my room, my daughter and I completed a first for both of us last night. We ran our very first 5K! Those of you that know me, know that last year our school had our very own Biggest Loser! It was a life changing year for me, and I am having so much fun with it! This weight loss journey has led me to running...I am so new at it and not very good at it, but I sure do enjoy it!

Katie Bird and me after the race!

Woohoo...we survived :)


  1. I am so jealous of all your books! That is amazing!! I have been working on adding nonfiction books as well. I thought I saw a Seymour Simon poking out of one of your baskets:) Welcome to the blogging world one newbie and fourth grade teacher to another!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Holy cow! Look at all of those books!!! I am so jealous!! :)

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my first ever blog hop and link up!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth.