Monday, July 16, 2012

Arkansas Scavenger Hunt

This post was originally posted on my TeacherWeb page: Mrs. Dunn's Class.

Hawksbill Crag Copyright © by Tim Ernst

Each year, Southside Fourth Graders take part in an Arkansas Scavenger Hunt! Collected items are proudly displayed in a scrapbook, which will be due at the end of the year. The goal is to collect as many items as possible for the scrapbook. Each item has a designated point value and it is possible to earn up to 149 points! Your goal is to try to get at least 100 points. Some of these items are easy to find and may even be found at school. Others may require a little extra effort. Scrapbook creativity is very important and can add up to 15 points alone.

Have fun searching and exploring this wonderful state of ours!

5pts each:
  • Leaf from our state tree
  • Picture of our state bird (photo, coloring, drawing)
  • Article about AR's population (newspaper or internet)
  • Article About the record high or low in AR
  • Logo from a sports team from Cabot or AR
  • An article about a natural disaster that took place in our state
  • Colored drawing or picture of the AR state flag
  • Map of AR
  • Map of Cabot
  • Headings from the AR Democrat-Gazette, Cabot Star Herald, and The Leader Newspaper
  • List of current state officials (Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretary of State)
  • Information about at least 5 AR rivers
  • Write the names of at least 5 AR authors
  • Write a paragraph telling how AR got its name, who thought it up, why we decided to use it

8 pts each
  • Photo of you in front of the local fire station or fire truck
  • Photo of you in front of Cabot City Hall
  • Business cards of at least 5 Cabot businesses
  • Autograph from the mayor of Cabot
  • A brochure of a State Park
  • Photo of you in front of the state capital
  • Something proving you have been to the Cabot Library
  • Something proving you have visited the Clinton Presidential Library

This has always been a fun project for our class. Each year, I have students and parents comment about how much fun they had creating a scrapbook that they will cherish for years to come! I have included some examples of student work below. In the years since we started this project, we have tweaked it here and there; however, now that I only teach literacy and my partner teaches math, science, and social studies, the project has changed even more. I will post this years requirements and examples as we work on it later in the year.


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