Sunday, September 29, 2013

Five for Friday just in time for Sunday

Happy Friday!

Well, I guess I should say happy Sunday now...I started this post Friday night but fell asleep pretty early into the post...LOL...a sign of being an exhausted teacher, no doubt.

While I have picked up right where I left off, it is pretty late on Saturday night, so it's not looking good for this to get published by Saturday either. Goodness....

Since I had every intention of joining Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday, on Friday haha, I am going to go ahead and forge on.

Here we go...

Monday morning decided to rear its ugly head in a true Monday fashion... the hubby called me on the way to school to let me know he had been in an accident. 

This is what is what is left of his patrol car after being rear-ended at a very high speed. He spent most of his day in the hospital being x-rayed and poked and prodded. I am amazed and pleased beyond measure to report that all is well. I have no idea how he made it out of this accident with only a few scrapes and bruises, but thankful does not begin to express how I feel. I am just as happy to say that person that hit him is a little bruised and battered but for the most part just as well. 

Worries aside...teaching must go on...

We have jumped in to complex sentence structures with both feet! The grammarian in me just LOVES teaching this! Well, I should say the grammarian-wanna-be! Lord knows, there was a time that teaching complex sentence structures made my head hurt and my eyes cross. That was until I spent one summer afternoon at the workshop of Mr. Jeff Anderson, aka "the write guy." Yes, I know I repeat myself at times, but I promise you that his wonderful book Mechanically Inclined changed my teaching life; can you hear the sigh?


Look at these sweet treats that made an appearance in the lounge this week. I still don't know who donated this wonderful Popcorn Bar, but it sure brought a smile to our faces. How fun! And yummy!    

We finally made it to the orthopedic doctor...tons of waiting but worth it for the good news. Justin has not torn his ACL or MCL, and at this point it does not look like we have a surgery in our near future. Cross your fingers! The doctor is worried about damage to the meniscus, but we have a few more results to wait for just yet. All in all far...we've had pretty good news! 

Listening to instructions before x-rays...

Haha....Had to stop by Walmart on the way home from
our appt....this is Justin taking advantage of the wheel chairs should have seen the gentleman's face as
Justin passed him...he got such a kick out of "racing" Justin 

This was the desk I left for the is so much more
work to get a sub LOL...I would much rather be with the kiddos!

We have wrapped up our figurative language unit and started working on our personal narratives.

I found the cutest little read aloud that touched on quite a bit of figurative language, but really it was mostly for fun. It was a lucky find at one of my Books-a-Million stops. It wasn't until I got it home and noticed that Bob the Dog is written and illustrated by the same wonderful team behind Ribbit! I mean I should have known that's why I fell in love with it and just had to have it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira! 

Our first mentor text for our personal narratives is the beautifully written and illustrated book, The Orange Shoes, by Trinka Hakes Noble. Even after reading this with my kiddos last year, my breath still caught, and I had to fight back the tears at the end. So well written! I have fallen hopelessly in love with this moving narrative and my kiddos seemed to enjoy it just as much. 

Our wall of work so far! 

Some of my sweet kiddos, reading away!

I had a sneaky suspicion that I would be hitting publish on Sunday.

hmmm....night, friends!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I am glad to hear that your husband is okay! How scary! I'm also thankful to hear that your son probably won't need surgery. Thinking and praying for you guys!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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    1. Thank you, Bethany. :) We can definitely feel the prayers.