About Me

Welcome to our class Blog! This will be my eleventh year teaching fourth grade in Cabot schools, and I could not be happier to be teaching literacy to my sweet fourth graders! I love, love, love what I do and just could not imagine doing anything else. I am a proud mother of four of my own kiddos, and I am amazed everyday at just how quickly they are growing up. We have a very busy and crazy life sometimes, but it sure can be fun!

My husband, Josh

All my very own kiddos at Justin's graduation
Justin swearing into the Marines
Justin leaving for Bootcamp 

Katie and Justin

Our own little herd of walking dead for Halloween

My beautiful sisters...Maegan and Chrystal

Josh and I LOVED watching our boys play football!
But alas...Joshua has decided that FFA and all of his AG classes are more important...

Derrick #72

Justin #3

Joshua #47

Katie Byrd and I love walking 5Ks and sometimes we can
even con Mrs. Hitchcock into joining us :)
I love getting outside for a great hike
We make our way to Petit Jean about
twice a year for its great trails.

I am a certifiable book sniffer...LOL

...and an even more certifiable book hoarder!

But I wouldn't change being a book hoarder if I could! :)

I am a sucker for cool professional development...
Mrs. Cardillo and I are in the cockpit of a C130
VERY cool :)
My crazy husband!

My wonderful Flamingo friends and our time on the beach!

More Flamingo time...can't live without it

Here is to teaching with wild, crazy and competitive friends!

Couldn't make it without my awesome fourth grade team!

To see how I came up with the name, Flamingos and Butterflies, for my blog, click on the butterfly :)


  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you have been "Boo'd!" This means that I have included your blog in my recent post, and you get to choose 1 item of your choice for free in my TPT store! I'm not sure if you'll find anything useful for 4th grade, but the option is there for you. Visit my blog at http://thereinspiredteacher.blogspot.com to see your link!


  2. Hi, My name is Shannon Davis. I just moved to Arkansas from Idaho. I am a first year 4th grade teacher in Little Rock. Thought I would introduce myself since we are not far from each other. Happy to have found your blog.

    1. Welcome to Arkansas!

      You will LOVE 4th grade! Such sweet kiddos!

      Glad you found us, too...be sure to come back and visit!


  3. hey Mrs. Dunn this is Austin

  4. hey this is morgan and i will alwas love you!!!!!

  5. Was wondering if your state adopted Common Core and if so how has that affected your teaching. Also, what do you recommend beginning the year with: Informational standards or Literature standards? Do you teach language as well?

  6. hi Drs.Dunn this is Brianna what about my photo

  7. Love all the family pics! Beautiful family.

  8. I LOVE this "About Me" page! I love that you have included all these pictures that are not only family but also friends and teammates! I am definitely going to steal this idea from you and do it on my "About Me" page on my blog!!
    I can't wait to read your posts! The passion for teaching definitely shines through with your blog. :)

    1. Awe, thank you, Jose! Steal away... I probably stole it from someone else. LOL... I can't remember the last tiime I had an original idea haha...

      Love your idea and thanks for bringing us all together!

  9. Where can I get more info on the weekly journal writing that parents can reply to? It sounds like a great idea! :)

  10. Where can I get more info on the weekly journal writing that parents can reply to? It sounds like a great idea! :)

  11. Where can I get more info on the weekly journal writing that parents can reply to? It sounds like a great idea! :)