Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to school shopping :)

We ended up with 5 carts of supplies for our sweet fourth graders.
Couldn't get all of them in the pic :)

Well, it is finally Friday! I spent a wonderful day at the lake with my family, wrapping up a busy week of getting ready for a new school year. This year our school has opted to collect a supply fee for student supplies. Our school decided to purchase these supplies as grade level teams. So my teammate Sarah and I headed out to the local Walmart to buy supplies for all of our future students first thing Wednesday morning. When we started, we had no idea how long it would take us, but in the end, we made a fun day of it. Filling cart after cart with composition notebooks, and binders, and pens - oh my, we thought we might have to take out another teacher or two over those composition notebooks. (Just kidding, I promise. ;) We spent the next few hours unloading and separating box after box. By the time we finished, our classrooms were a bigger mess than before we started. I always seem to make a bigger mess right before the clean. 

"Oh, golly!"

I made it back up to school Thursday and believe it or not, managed to put most of the supplies away in their proper place, but my room is far from ready. Would it be completely nerdy of me to admit, that after spending a day with my family, I am looking forward to some "alone time" in my classroom tomorrow? Just me and all those books library is in serious need of reorganization! I am practically having nightmares about how messy it is. 

So yes, I do have a nerdy day planned tomorrow, and just maybe I will have some pics of my library to post. But even more exciting, after having a relaxing day surrounded my the sweet smell of books (those that really know me are laughing at me now) I will be running my first 5K with my daughter, Katie or Katie Bird as she is known by us! So...wish me luck!

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  1. Oh my goodness that is a lot of carts full of goodies. :)

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