Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book frenzy kind of day

Just look at that picture! That is what used to be my desk, LOL...today was a "book frenzy" kind of day. We had just enough time yesterday to tease some of the kiddos with stacks of books, but today was the day that those stacks of books were piled around the room and across the tables.

Our annual book frenzy is inspired by The Book Whisperer. My goal is to get books in kiddos hands and create an excited buzz about reading! Boy does it work! I do love all the excitement, but goodness...does it make a mess!  

~I have to say that even though we had stacks piled everywhere, one of my sweet kiddos said, "Mrs. Dunn, you have so many books...it doesn't even look like you pulled any from the library!" LOL...love my kiddos!

Look at this mess of
a book shelf! ;)

Check out all those books stacked in the cubbies...these are a handful of books that kiddos selected as their starting point in independent reading. As I conference with each of the students and get to know them as readers, their selections may change and/or grow.

More of the sweet gifts and notes from my kiddos
and from our amazing PTO...we are spoiled!

We sat down today and discussed our goals for the year. The kiddos were cracking me up with "a bunch" and "a lot." Those were their words, so I went with it! I was proud of our productive discussion! As we move further into reading and writing workshop, we will discuss and clarify what we truly must do to read and write "a lot."

Here are a few of our Morning Messages. Our morning meetings have been smooth and fun so far. Getting to know this silly group of kiddos has been a blast. After this morning's greeting, I learned that I have a TON of pizza lovers in my class, LOL. 


I love when my kiddos come back!
Here are former students and one current.
Sure do love these sweet boys!

Derrick sent me this pic today...
he has transferred to UCA to enter
the teaching program!
I am so proud; I could bust!

With that I will say goodnight...early again!

Happy reading, friends!

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  1. I was smiling over your sweet gifts yesterday and today my sweet babies brought me all kinds of goodies! I am going to be doing a Book Frenzy tomorrow as I take out chapter books from two of my bookshelves. The air conditioner has leaked and soaked two of my shelves...with mold growing on the bottom. What better place to store the books than in cubbies?! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I love your book frenzy! I can't wait to do it with my kiddos next week.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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