Friday, August 30, 2013

Birthdays and Five for Friday

Goodness, it is a super quiet night in the Dunn household! The hubby is out of town, and the kids are all out and about! So as I soak up the quiet for a bit, just before it drives me crazy, I thought I would join Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

First...this week...I turned 29 again! Whoo many years now? haha...

My kiddos and teammates spoiled me :)

Katie Byrd brought an ice cream
cake...LOL...I didn't manage to
get a pic before we all dug into it :)

My teammates REALLY do spoil me butterflies for our room :)

After such a wonderful birthday celebration at work, my boys had their first football game of the season! Yay! You know what that means...tons of football pictures headed your way soon!

Justin's Marine recruiter came to watch his first game. Never thought I could be so proud and frightened at the same time! I also found out that his departure date has been moved up to the day after his graduation ...can't help but to hold back the tears.

I am trying to gear myself up for a whirlwind of a year, preparing for Justin leave. My beautiful sister took Justin's senior pictures this week. I cannot wait to see the final results! You might as well get ready for senior picture overload! haha....I will try not to be overwhelming with it. ;)

In class, my kiddos and I are continuing to build a safe and strong writing community. As we fill our writer's notebooks with as many writing ideas as possible, we created our "Writer's Eye." Before hand, I created my own "Writer's Eye" (I) as explained by Jeff Anderson in Mechanically Inclined. (I have also seen it on Julie Ballew's amazing website A Literate Life.) This will be one more resource for them to use as we begin working our way to writing our narratives. We have spent many hours talking about where writers get their ideas! Using our writer's eye to look closely at ourselves is a perfect way to gather the ideas that just may lead to that perfect story.  My kiddos worked hard....



I love watching my kiddos work hard in their writer's notebooks, and even more, I love their excitement in sharing!


Silly fun with my kiddos :)
love my sweet class!

In all of our excitement in building just as strong a reading community as a writing community, my kiddos have fallen into the manic rush to read as many books as they can. (Which of course is such a double-edged sword.) The next few weeks will be spent slowing our that we have created that fun, excited buzz in reading we will be focusing on digging deep and thoughtfully responding in our Reader's notebooks.

I am pleased to report that all students
unanimously tallied...a few books deeply

Technically, I think that is more than 5, but oh's my birthday week ;) haha!

Happy reading, friends...I am off to finish Divergent! 


  1. I love your Writer's I...I haven't done that with a class before, but I need to try it out this year.
    Enjoy Divergent!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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    1. Thanks, Bethany!

      I sure am enjoying Divergent...LOL :)

  2. Love the Writer's I activity! I plan to use this in my class. Thanks for sharing! =O) Have a great weekend!
    One Happy Teacher

  3. I love it! I really love the writer's "I" thing ... I could do the same with my middle school classes! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. This is a great idea! I am a first year teacher in an inner-city school where the focus is largely on improving standardized test scores, but already we are sneaking in some Writer's Workshop methodologies to make Language Arts more meaningful. I think they'll do a great job with Writers' I! Thanks for the inspiration.