Monday, May 27, 2013

Surviving Survivor Day

Oh my goodness...

I am finally sitting down to post about last week's adventures. Let me just say that no one is counting down or anything, but the kiddos only have 3 days left. Whoo hoo.....I am excited for them and their own summer time fun!

I will start with saying how glad I am that this year's Survivor Day ended on the beginning of a three day weekend! It has taken me all three days to feel myself again. LOL....this old teacher just can't handle those fun-filled days like I used to! was such a beautiful, breezy day; I don't think I realized just how much sun I was getting, and I have paid for that all weekend!

Any~who....on to the fun pictures! Oh how I LOVE our fourth grade sendoff!


Our kiddos worked hard on our banner...
my favorite so far!

We started outside, almost immediately, and we went from station to station competing against other teams for points.

We had this down in 6 seconds flat! :)




There was a lot of friendly rivalry...

...but it was all in good fun and we are all still best friends! :)

I was very glad that Katie Byrd was able to come again this year...the kiddos sure loved it!

My two red-heads

Oh no....someone brought a puppy
that Katie was desperate to adopt...
maybe next time!

The Jungle Walk sure was tough 

I love my sweet team!

Let me tell you that all the teams worked hard for that Survivor Idol...we had tons of fun and laughs doing it, but if I am 100% kiddos cringed a bit when we came up against the yellow teams...LOL...they were a hard group to beat! In the end it was Ms. Shemaker's team that walked away with the idol (again! ;) just 1 point! Oh well....there's always next year. ;)

Even though my kiddos were disappointed to not hold that all went away the minute our local fire truck pulled up!

This is such an amazing thing for the fire station to do for these kiddos, and they NEVER forget it!

They all love giving wet hugs when they are finished LOL

This is one of my favorite days of the year...even if it wears me out! :) This is the last year of elementary for these sweet kiddos, and our parents work so hard at this amazing sendoff! 

When I see students from previous years, they always remind me of this day!

This has been such a fun and loving group of kiddos, and I don't know who is going to miss the other the most!

Well...I know with all the pics, it is not really a short post, but I am going to leave it at this for now.

I will try to jump on in the next few days to add some books...we've still been having fun with books!

Happy Reading!

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