Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, friends! I have so enjoyed my relaxing day with my kiddos and the hubby! I hope you have, too!

I sure do feel spoiled with Mother's Day topping off a very special Teacher's Appreciation Week! My kiddos and their amazing parents have sure spoiled me. Thank you very much not only for making this week so wonderful, but for sharing such a great group of kiddos with me!

Here at the end of the year, we have had another crazy, busy week...

Monday some of my kiddos participated in a talent show in their music class with Mrs. Vaughn.

Tuesday was our last official day with our student teacher Mr. Hall. I meant to get a pick of the kiddos giving him his goodbye gift, but the afternoon was so crazy and hectic, I didn't manage to get one.

Here are some pics of him playing a game of Mouse Trap for our Morning Meeting activity...the kiddos are sure going to miss him!


The rest of the week we worked hard to finish the final preparations for our Second Annual Authors' Fair!

Each student researched and created a presentation of their favorite author. I cannot express enough how hard the kiddos worked on these...or just how tired this teacher was when we were finished ...LOL...

Students had to also be prepared to answer questions from not only visiting parents but also from the lower grade level students that walked through...they were so cute sharing all they knew about their authors and books!

Here are just a few of the great projects and kiddos from the Authors' Fair...

This time of year we are also gearing up for our annual Southside Survivor's Day. This is our final celebration with our kiddos. Each class competes against the other for the title of Survivor. Now those of you that know me...well you know how much fun I think this day is! It is truly one of my favorites, for sure! 

Well, a new tradition seems to be for our Survivor Idol to mysteriously disappear out of its current are some pics from last year's trophy escapades...

The first clue that something was amiss...

The Survivor Idol made it to many hot spots around town on its adventures...



Finally it was revealed just who the culprit was....

Our own Mrs. Hanna was responsible.....
It was all fun and games until the idol had to be
turned over at the end of the games, so that
it might reside in its new home...Ms. Shewmaker's
class....I was sad to say goodbye after having
won for so many years...but it is all in fun :)

I share all of this just to let you know that well...our idol is on the move again!

Here is our first message....

I have been kidnapped and they are taking me on an adventure!  I am at the Little Rock National airport about to board a plane!!!  This is the beginning of the Survivor games!  You will receive emails from me with a picture and information about where I am.  Using the clues, you must research and find me.  The first team to respond with the correct location will win the points!  If no one answers correctly, the points will be added to the next location's points.  Good luck and HELP ME come HOME!!!!!  Let the games begin!!!!!
Here is an image we received showing us its
first class travels to places unknown....

This is a picture I took from the plane before we landed!  I will disclose more information later!  Happy hunting!!!

Find me on Facebook!!! 

This is our last image...

This was my response ;)

You are at Koh Samet Island in Thailand....get in lots of beach time before you come back to me.
Mrs. Dunn

I guess we have to wait and see who will win the points!!! Wish us all luck!

On Saturday, Katie Byrd, my mom, and I made a day of it and hit up the Scholastic Book Clubs Warehouse sale before we had a lovely Mother's Day lunch at Olive Garden! OMG....was walking in that warehouse heaven! I really could have stayed in there all day!

I managed to get some good deals for my principal, Mrs. Hanna and some for myself as well. :)

for Mrs. Hanna....

All for me.... :))

Well...I know that I usually end with some wonderful picture books, but this post is oh-so-long already...and I forgot to take a pic of all the picture books I read this week (Lord knows I am so old lately I feel lucky if I can remember even one of them...haha)...

so tonight I will just close with happy reading, friends!

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