Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently summer :)

Whoop whoop...summer has officially started! LOL... I should be sleeping in, but my mind is already wrapping itself around all of the things I want to do in my room this summer. Can you believe that?! 

Not even one week into the break, and I am thinking and planning for next year!

As we worked on closing shop on our room last week, this pile greeted me after Mrs. Whitt's class cleaned out their cubbies. Now that is a lot of books to shelve! I have a feeling that after adding all of the new selections that we purchased through the year, many of these won't fit!

We had a major malfunction with a shelving unit, and we were very fortunate NOT to have a heavy basket of books land on kiddos heads!

This is what the library usually looks like!

This is my library after a very
unfortunate horse playing event!
:( Was very sad but glad at the
same time that someone was not hurt!

Packing up the room for the summer is always so sad

These are all the new books that I have to find homes for...

... Okay...I actually started this post on a rainy Saturday morning...yet here it is a beautiful Sunday, and I am just now finishing up...but I love that I took a break and braved the nasty weather to spend time with my mom for her birthday...I would add a lovely pic of our day except that my mother must have a phobia of cameras because everytime I tried to sneak a picture, she threw her hands up :/....oh well...we had a blast getting relaxing pedicures and then doing lots of window shopping!

Can you believe it is already time for another Currently with Farley? If I have said it once, I have said it a million times....I LOVE hooking up with this fun linky party! Really it's because I love stealing borrowing all of those creative ideas from so many amazing teachers! Where in the world do they find time to do it all?

Any is my June Currently....remember the rules...don't forget to visit three!

I have to share some beautiful pictures taken during our Survivor Day. 

I know I shared this one on the last post...isn't it gorgeous!!!! A wonderful parent sent this to me, so I begged her to send me more.

I cannot wait to print and frame this one!

Here are the other amazing pics she sent me! She really captured the fun of that day and the spirit of this precious group of kiddos!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this class

Sweet friends :)
These two were my right hand all year!

We were ready to win it!

Look at that determination...she was not falling off!

I love all these little personalities :)

Win or Lose...this is what they remember from
Survivor Day

My sweet and crazy girls from both classes!

Thank you Mrs. Hollingshead for the beautiful pictures! I love them all!

Now to share some picture books....whoop whoop! It has been too long since I have shared, and I am really thinking I am not going to make my goal of one picture book a day for a year if I do not step it up!

My mom and I stopped by my favorite store, Books-a-Million, where we were NOT so successful in just window shopping because I cannot walk in that store without buying something.

So here are some cuties for you today!

This first one is going to end up one of my new faves! Dogs Don't Do Ballet by Anna Kemp, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie, is so stinking cute! Oh my goodness...where have I been...this book was published in 2010, and I am just now finding it. Yikes! I think I might actually share this one during one of the summer read alouds I do for our school! Such a sweet look at perseverance and acceptance!

This next little beauty is one that all of my fourth graders will relate to haha....

That Yucky Love Thing by Michael Catchpool and illustrated by Victoria Ball is a quirky look at that pesky - yucky - love thing feared by most young boys and girls... I laughed out loud when poor Sam saw his parents kissing and thought "Yuck!"....until he saw his grandparents kiss and that was even worse..."Double YUCK!" hehehehe...I could so hear this character's frustrated little voice! I love that there are repeated phrases throughout...that always makes read alouds fun! This is also a great look at acceptance and friendship. So sweet...and funny!

Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill and illustrated by Charles Fuge is a great little gift from my mother yesterday...LOL...Yes, her birthday and she was giving me books she had picked up for me. You just have to love moms! OK...I digress, I know, but this little cutie is a fun look at all the different ways we can feel, and I just love it. Charles Fuge's illustrations are so crisp and cute that you just have to giggle as sweet little Wombat shows us all of his feelings and personality! Nevermind, the awesome look at figurative language, haha! I can't wait to share this one to the little cutie patooties that come in this summer!

Well ladies and gents...I guess that is all from me today!

I know I am still a long way off from one picture book a day...Hopefully I will make up for it this summer as I revamp my class library and come across all the treasures I have hidden within!

Happy Reading!


  1. I love the book suggestions! I teach a Gr. 3/4 split classroom, and love to use picture books with my students. Hubby has gotten pretty good at pretending that I don't buy books, and I have gotten pretty good at pretending he is right! Enjoy your summer vacation!

  2. I love girls days with my mom. I think I like them more now than I did when I was little.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  3. I love these great book suggestions! It may be my 3rd year in Kinder next year but I don't have the book collection where it needs to be so I'm always on the hunt. I am also just like you. It's my first weekend of summer vacation and I've already started so many projects for school next year!

    Teaching with Grace

  4. Oh my goodness...I'm just now catching up on my blog stalking and I am in love with your blog! So...your book shelves...I'm in need of a new system and am digging your shelves! My nieces and I just fell in love with Dogs Don't Do Ballet! Needless to say, they are on the iPads listening to it again and I just added more picture books to my wish list! I'm in trouble! :)
    So glad I found you!

    A Pirates Life for Us