Saturday, June 8, 2013

Setting goals and summer linky fun :)

Hello my sweet summer friends :)....are you just loving these beautiful summer days? I started to say lazy summer days, but in all honesty, I have hardly had time to be lazy. 

How about you?! 

I want to start today's post with a fun goal oriented linky from  I {heart} Recess. I hope this fun little linky party will keep me motivated this summer! Hope it's not too late to join!

Personal: Goal setting is NOT one of my that is definitely a great place to start LOL...

Family: The last few years have been a crazy time in this house. One of my teenagers has been out in this big wide world for a little over a year now, and I miss her terribly! I have another teenager still at home, but with one foot out the door as he just committed to the US Marine Corp this week (more on that in a bit)...and with one more just-turned-16-year-old ready to conquer the world...well, I just don't think I am ready, even a little bit, to let them go! Thank goodness my 21 year old doesn't mind hanging around the house with his old mom once in a while. :)

Here is my brave Justin swearing in to the Marines...
extremely proud and hopelessly scared for him
My handsome 16 year old!
Love him :)
Health: Where do I even begin with this one...I did such an awesome job last year with our school's biggest loser just to turn around and gain so much of it back! Disappointed doesn't begin to describe it, but I am really focusing on getting back on track this summer! No big mad rush to lose as much as I can as quickly as possible...just small steps to get where I need to be!

School: One of my fave things is working on my classroom library...nerd alert! I just can't help myself and this summer the changes are going to be epic! hahahahaha
These are the new/old to my classroom
but old since they have been gathering dust in my garage.

Maintenance will be taking down the bulletin board
behind the shelves...

A fresh coat of paint and some additions yet to come...
on our way to adding some great new shelving to our class :)

Bulletin board gone and a fresh coat of paint!

Hahaha...found this on true!

Blog: Wow...remember, biting off more than I can chew...well, keeping up with one picture book a day is a lot more work than I even imagined, but I am bound and determined to see this through!

Read: No explanation needed should see my "to read" my bedroom...on my dining room my my classroom...everywhere! LOL

Be sure to join this linky party and see what everyone else is up to!

I have been lucky to participate in our district's Summer Reading "Hot Spots!"

It is a library program promoting reading and having fun!  I get to read some of my favorite books ~ whoop whoop~ and make book recommendations to the neighborhood kiddos... HOW  FUN! 

I am a bit nervous about next week's hot spot since there will be a number of daycare kiddos there...LOL there IS a reason that I teach fourth...hahahaha! I just might need to be rescued!

Cabot's VERY COOL reading road trip!

I meant to post this a while back....

What a great group of friends and teachers :)
Crazy girls :)

Even though I am going to be working hard catch up on one picture book a day....LOL...I only have one to share today.

It is a true and sweet classic...

and how appropriate it is for my life and family goals right now. LOL...

Margaret Wise Brown read my heart when she wrote this one so many years ago! I've read it a number of times, and never has it hit closer to home.  This is a precious look at the love of family!

Happy Reading!


  1. I love books too! Sounds like a fun summer planned. I found you through the goals linky and I'm also your newest follower.