Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springing into Earth Day

Happy Spring! Such a pretty day! I sure am loving the cool, gentle breezes and the smell of my blooming wisteria...even if trying to contain the wild, aggressive vine takes a lot out of a person; I should emphasis TRYING since it refuses to cooperate. ;)

Sweet jasmine, too!
This week was slow and easy for the most part. Well, as easy as it can be with me aching to get back into my class. Our student teacher has begun his full teach, and boy do I miss my sweet kiddos.  Mr. Hall is doing an awesome job, but sometimes it takes all have not to walk back in and selfishly take over reading James and the Giant Peach.

My kiddos are enjoying one of my all time favorites! I just love the mischievious magic of Roald Dahl. The language and characters of James and the Giant Peach are so fun and full of life that I can just imagine them as being real. Only Roald Dahl could do that!

Reading this treasure has become an annual event for my class. So much so that as I greet my new students each year, I am always asked about James and the giant peach party they have heard of in rumors passed by siblings and friends. Each year when we complete this story, we celebrate by watching the movie (don't get me started on the movie though ~ NEVER judge a book by its movie!) and eating all things peach! Peach ice cream, peach yogurt, fruit salad loaded with peaches, peach candy, fresh peaches name it ~ we try it!


I will be sure to post pics of this year's celebration!

Because I have not been in my room much this week, I have lots to share from my teaching partner, Mrs. Whitt. She has both of our kiddos gearing up for Earth Day, Monday.


We sure have some talented kiddos in our rooms!

This is how my kiddos came back to me from Mrs. Whitt's
after planning ways to save the earth! :)

In honor of Earth Day, I have a few great picture books to share.

Of course one cannot think of Earth Day without thinking of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss! I love sharing this with my kiddos each year, but usually Mrs. Whitt beats me to it. ;) Seuss has a way of really driving home his message wrapped in the magic of fanciful language and creatures, and I just love the magic of his messages! 

The next book I have shared once before in a previous post. I love this story for a number of reasons. How perfect it is for reaching for and achieving our dreams, but it fits just as perfectly in the celebration of Earth Day! I love following Liam's quest to be outside and turn our busy and sometimes gray world just a little bit greener. The Curious Garden by Peter Brown is a beautiful masterpiece with its creeping, green gardens!

Still in honor of all things green and earthy I have to share a new addition to my library. And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano and illustrtated by Erin E. Stead is a breath of fresh air! I enjoyed this sweet story even more that I thought I would. Just as with The Curious Garden, we follow the patient hopes of a sweet boy tending his garden. Erin E. Stead is an amazing illustrator and this sweet story is now one of my spring favorites!

I have enjoyed a little reading myself this weekend. I picked up The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch. I am a huge fan of the Dystopian genre, and this is a great, action packed read! ....Can't wait to do a book talk on this with my kiddos tomorrow! 

With that I will say good afternoon: for now...until next time :) I am off for a walk with the hubby and a little more reading for the night...Happy Reading yourself!

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