Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Currently Dancing with the Cabot Stars

Whoop Whoop! It's already time for another Currently! Where is this year going? know how I love linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade! She is such a hoot! Be sure to check out her corner of the blogging world. :)

Well...lots of fun stuff to share!

Thursday my team headed out to a girls' night dinner and an evening watching Cabot's very own Dancing with the Cabot Stars. Sooooo much fun! All of the teams did an amazing job. Heck...getting on the stage alone was more than I could ever imagine doing! Great fun and support of a good bet! Proceeds benefited the Cabot Pather Foundation.

Check out our principal....
in Dancing with the Cabot Stars!

Mrs. Hanna and her partner won 1st Runner up...CONGRATS!

I have the cutest video of her soon as I get the pesky thing to agree with me, I will get it uploaded for you...she did an awesome job! So much fun!

We were lucky that Katie Byrd surprised us by stopping by for a quick visit. 

Katie read a cute little story to our kiddos!
She read a Skippyjon Jones adventure in her best Spanish accent!


Crazy girls...stole a minute between dismissal bells to be silly. :)

OMG...I am so happy and so sad at the same time that we finished The One and Only Ivan. I cannot say enough how sweet and moving it was. Ivan tells his story so poignantly. LOTS of conversation know we are never the same person we were when we start a book...and I can promise you, I am NOT the same person now! More than once I had to hold back the tears. I will never visit a zoo and look at these beautiful animals the same again.

I have a few sweet books to share with you. Just a Minute by Bonnie Becker is a fun little rhyming read that I enjoy just because of how much kiddos can relate. Well, in all honesty, I relate just as own precious mom's favorite words when I was little (you know, like a lifetime ago!) was JUST A MINUTE!!! I would always secretly wonder if it was a REAL minute or one of those crazy, confusing one hour minutes. LOL If you can relate at all or if you have found yourself saying just a minute, then this is a must read. I giggled at my kids connections, and the illustrations of Jack Davis are hysterical. (I really love when he hits puberty while waiting just a minute. hehehe)...just for the record: while I would whole-heartedly argue the point, my kiddos seem to feel that I say just a minute quite often. hmmmmm

This next one is so stinking cute! This is one of my new finds in one of the Books-a-Million sale bins. Sarah Sullivan did an awesome job with Once Upon a Baby Brother! What a great way to share where writers get their ideas! LOVED it... I cannot wait to use this at the launch of my writing workshop next year! When I asked my kiddos if they could relate to a little sibling that drives them should have seen the hands fly!

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  1. How funny! I posted about the actual Dancing with the Stars on my "Currently". How fun that your school hosts their own! I participate in the annual teacher dance number at my school's variety show, but I'm up there with about 10 other people.

    I have been wanting to read The One and Only Ivan for awhile, now. I keep hearing rave reviews. I'm planning on downloading it to my Kindle to read over spring break.

    I am your newest follower. Your blog is awesome!

    Downeast Teach

  2. I'm thinking the same thing too--wouldn't it be great if the day had 10 more hours?? Love the blog name too! I'm your newest follower. Please feel free to stop by if you get a chance!


    The Quirky Apple
    Sparkly, Quirky Lifebox

  3. I just finished reading The One and Only Ivan too and I looooved it! Such a cute story! I am a new follower :)