Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday...

Happy Monday, friends! Is there such a thing as Happy Monday? At 5:15 this morning when I hit the snooze for the 2nd time, I would have said NO WAY...but it was a pretty laid back day that just flew by, and the kiddos worked hard for me, and now it is a beautiful afternoon, and I have a few peaceful moments to catch up on blogging...and, and, and...I guess you get the point. :)

Since I have been out of my room so much these days, (letting go so my student teacher can learn is sooooo hard!) I do not have any earth shattering or mind blowing lessons to share. haha....No worries though....lots of fun still happening around our as usual, I will share in pictures. :)

Our sweet teammate, Sarah, suffered a frustrating allergic reaction to a dental visit and was tormented with a sore and swollen mouth...after we knew she was OK...we just had to do a little teasing! Aren't we such a loving and supportive team. haha

Centennial Bank stopped by to offer our kiddos some
advice on saving...I loved their chore chart ;)


I love seeing their faces!
These kiddos sure enjoyed this visit and learned a lot!

My sweet hubby has worked days lately: something that has not been the norm for our family, so we have started taking long walks in the early evening to get back on track...this was one of the lovely views as we walked this week! 

Our team came together again to celebrate
Sarah's upcoming wedding!

OK...this one cracks me up!!!
After Sarah's bridal shower, we stopped by a friend's
house to pick up a few things for her wedding.....
while there, she talked our friend's grandson
(one of my students)
into letting her ride his bike...
HAHAHA my crazy friend!

We had some crazy looking weather blow over....
just look at those spooky clouds!

Mrs.Whitt is our honorary class photographer...
she works magic :) I LOVE this pick of
a couple of our sweet girls!
Such a picture of friendship and laughter!

My crazy, beautiful, smart girls!

My boys were so proud that they accidentally wore
their jerseys on the same day!

OK...I have mentioned I have been missing my kiddos a bunch. I love the process of having student teachers. There is so much for them to learn and experience, and just as much for me to learn and experience as well...but I can't wait to get back in full time. :)

Because I have been missing them, I have not been sharing as many of my picture books lately. :(

That makes me sad, too....but I have a couple that I can share with you here tonight...

My first book is a shout out to the amazing Roald Dahl! As we continue our journey with James and the Giant Peach, here is a fun look at poetry in true Dahl fashion! Revolting Rhymes! Each one is quirky and interesting, and yes, even sometimes revolting! He in not one to hold back the punches as he shares a perfectly perfect moral in each and every poem. 

Just one more for tonight...this precious story, Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino, is such an easy story for some kiddos to relate to...which is so sad! Sometimes it is so much easier to believe the bad than to believe the true...this sad little pug, Alfred, meets a friend that just might help him find the lovable in himself! I love talking about the theme of this easy to find!

Well, with that ladies and gents...I must bid you goodnight! Maybe my Monday is truly a Monday after all cause I sure am worn out. ;)

Happy Reading!