Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Hopes, Dreams...and peace, love, and harmony ;)

Just a real quick post tonight to show off the hopes and dreams of Mrs. Whitt's class, the wonderful teacher I share students with! She has made the cutest display of their thoughts regarding their goals for the year - their hopes and dreams. How encouraging to see this bright and hopeful board every day. I just LOVE it!   ~ "I hope I will make lots of new friends and have a great year." ~"My hope and dreams are that I get better in writing." ~ "My hope and dream is that everyone gets a chance to fill buckets." ~ "I hope we all become friends!"

So sweet! She claims it was a happy surprise at how wonderfully it all turned out, but I'm not sure I am buying it, wink wink!


While I am here, one or two quick picture books for the day. :)


Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and The Curious Garden by Peter Brown are both wonderful little examples of working hard to achieve your hopes and dreams. Not only is it important for us to verbalize our hopes and dreams or set goals, it is just as important for us to work hard for them!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Prayers, to my Sisters in Education, as you shape our future...and future stories. ILYBoth