Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Long time

It has been forever and a day since I have had a few moments to update our blog...and goodness, I have missed it so!

Just look how new and different our class looks compared to my last post. What a difference a few months can make when awesome parents and an awesome community are involved! We are LOVING our classroom makeover. I have wished more than once that I had pulled my desks out long ago! The possibilities are endless, and can't wait to see what I come up with this summer.

Many of you know that the reason for my long absense has been the recent illness of my father. In early February he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We knew something was truly wrong even before the diagnoses, but still the news was heart wrenching.


He chose to have the surgery that would remove part of his pancrease and his spleen...any extra time is precious, and we are greedily taking it.  My sister and I have spent as much time as possible at his bedside, sharing stories, giggles, and many tears. When I am not at school, you can usually find me there, so thank you all for your sweet patience in my neglect of Flamingos and Butterflies. Your kind words and prayers have meant so much. Even more, my precious class has been such a blessing to me with their own thoughtfulness and kindness with daily regards for my dad. Not a day goes by without my kiddos checking in on him. 

All sadness aside, my class is and always will be a place of comfort and happiness for me. Falling into work is an easy therapy of sorts, and again, it is hard not to count my blessings.  

We have begun work on our very first PBL, Project Based Learning. Oh my...this is my first time to venture into this world of learning, and boy can it be quite daunting to a newbie. 

Mrs. Hanna introduced this project to the kiddos, and the buzz of excitement quickly filled the air. The kiddos would have ownership of their own learning...they could guide their own goals and accomplishments each day! Yes...very definite buzz filling the air.

So we have begun this new and exciting journey, and so far...so good.


It has been a joy to watch the excitement of students learning from each other. Eavesdropping on their conversations has been quite comical at times and impressive at others. I find myself either scratching my head in confusion, laughing out loud, or looking on in awe of the intelligent creativeness of my kiddos.

I will spend more time updating you with details soon...just wanted to touch base and let you know we are still around and still working hard.

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