Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently Classroom Reveal 2014

Well ladies and gents, it's that time of year again...time for our newest class tour.

Before we get started with our tour...I thought we would join Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for another Currently.  I haven't managed to join my favorite linky party for a few months now, so I am ready to join in all the fun again.

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Whoohoo.....this teacher is done with her classroom. much as I can be done without an official schedule and class list. Until I can start putting names and times on anything...I am at a standstill. But that is ok...

I am super excited with it this year. I have said it before, and I will say it again...I am a creature of habit. I usually only manage one or two small changes here and there each year, but all the same, I am one proud teacher. I love spending time in our room, and I hope the kiddos do, too. 

So hold on to your seats...TONS of pics in this one, and I hope you like it half as much as I do. 

Welcome to room 506...the BEST fourth grade class ever ;)

The view just as you walk in the door.
Looking to the right towards my desk
Small bulletin board behind my desk...
look at that collection of butterflies that
kiddos have given me over the years :) place for current newsletters and lunch menus


Small student work display area


Looking from the front of the room towards the back

Because we do not have desks, each student gets
 a canvas bag to decorate... all personal items
go into the bag and can be carried back and forth
from one class to another ~ This one was decorated
by my sweet friend, Vicki!

Our student library...I have worked very hard to add as many titles as I can.

Lots of great pillows and bean bags to use around the room during reading workshop.

Flamingos and Butterflies <3


Looking from my desk towards the library.

This is our small group/ teacher recommendation library..
This is an older pic, but I wanted to show you a close up
of the string and clips across the small group library...
this will be used to hang anchor charts throughout
the sure hurts my soul a little every year
to cover such a pretty shelf with anchors but
with limited wall do what you have to LOL 


Again...another old pic..but
I wanted to show  you a close up...
when it is time to rotate anchors...
this is perfect for storing my extras or out
of date anchors that I can't bear to throw out

Looking from the back of the room towards the front

There are 7 teams in our room...
each team table has a small book basket like this.

I try to put lots of nonfiction in each basket..
I also include easy reads and some reference materials...
if students find themselves with a few spare moments
or without a book...reading materials are always close by


Our mentor text library! Have I mentioned how much
I LOVE my new shelving?!

Books are alphabetized by author...



This is where book recommendation cards will be displayed.
this board is located just outside of our classroom.
Another area for us to display our awesome work!

Well...that's it! Was that picture heavy or what? Whew!

I am also joining the Blog Hoppin linky... (only a day usual ;) Stop by to check out all the amazing spaces out there!

I am ready for my new group of kiddos, and I can't wait to see what they think of their new classroom home! What do you think?

Happy Reading, friends!

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  1. Hi Tina! Your room looks amazing! I am jealous of all of your space and how "homey" it all looks! You are right about writing the names on everything! I actually put that on my currently too! Congrats on your son's upcoming graduation! That is awesome!


  2. Thanks for the pictures! Lucky duck...I wish I had my classroom done. I'll be sure to get on that next week. We don't start too soon before you guys. I go back the 6th and the kids come on the 13th.
    Have fun at your son's graduation!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  3. Holy picture upload, Batman! Wow! That library is drool worthy...seriously. I am having table/sink/storage envy right now. Where on Earth did you get that I like Big Books sign?? It's adorable!!!
    Have fun going back to school!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. Wow, your classroom looks amazing! What a wonderful space you have created for yourself and your kiddos - great job!

  5. I love your "Look at Us" wall and ALL of your butterflies. I'm super jealous!! Your room looks FABULOUS!!!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'