Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Time Five for Friday

Whoo hoo...IT IS Friday! The LAST Friday of my summer.

My last official week of the summer has crazy busy. Workshops and lesson plans. Where does the time go?

Even with all the mad rush craziness, it has been a wonderful week, so I am joining Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday to share it! And I might just cheat a little and share a few things from the end of last week as well. :)

SO MUCH professional development this has been a whirlwind of classes, but some of them have been so awesome that I am totally fine with it! I am a sucker for a good professional development...very nerdy of me, but I am totally fine with that, too. 

My most favorite workshop this summer was "We Can Do It: Using Primary Sources for Social Studies." It was a field trip to the local military museum and Air Base. It was an awesome time with awesome friends, and I picked up some really cool ideas...QR codes on field trips...yes, please! 


Old flight simulator


Cockpit of C130

Of course, I spent even more time working in my room. I found this great idea from Shannon at Class Organize. I can't wait to use this quick exit ticket strategy to help my kiddos self-assess this year. I have often used exit tickets but never thought of having the kiddos evaluate their own thinking. This is one of those ughhh...why hadn't I thought of that sooner moments. Simply brilliant! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing, Shannon.

Look at that mess. What do they say about a messy desk? Hmmmm.... Oh well, that mess was purposeful and this teacher is done with her first week's plans. Whoop whoop! I am ready for my new babies to walk in the door!

I just love a new binder of plans :)

I am now LESS than one week away from seeing my baby! I have so missed him this summer, and this momma cannot wait to wrap her arms around her little boy. Marine, or not, he will always be my little boy, and not hearing his voice, his laugh, or seeing his I'm-up-to-no-good-and-you-love-me-anyway-grin has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced as his mom. Lord knows I will look like a blubbering idiot at his graduation from bootcamp, but I don't even care. LOL...hope all of my friends are ready for me to blow up their news-feeds on all social media! 

His graduation is the reason I will not be making it to our school's open house this year. It is the only time since I have started teaching for me not to be there, and it has driven me nuts all is the reason for the mad rush in getting my room ready, the tons of professional development, and early planning. But tickets are purchased, rooms are booked, and I will be there front and center, smiling through the tears! 


Our Back to School Party was a blast, full of hugs and giggles! Our principal asked all the staff to read a book that she felt would make a huge impact on our year. She gave each of us a copy of One Word that Will Change Your Life with the task to read it this summer and find our word. It is a very quick and inspirational read, and if you take a moment to really think about it, your word will come pretty easy.

We all met at our local Painting With a Twist studio to create masterpieces with our One Word. You know how much I love and miss painting, so this was right up my ally! For few of my partners in crime...maybe not so much. ;) Love you, Vicki!

My sweet teammates...Linda and Sandy :)

My One Word and finished product!
After all the painting fun, we ended up at my favorite restaurant, yummy Kan Pai! There the laughter and fun continued.


Barbara trying to catch a shrimp in her mouth LOL

Here is a much better picture with hysterical-pee-your-pants photo credits going to Dawn Coyle! I can't tell you how hard we all laughed at this one! Snorting was heard, people! Barbara is such a great sport. 

That just about wraps up my Five for Friday...but I do have my first picture book recommendation of the school year! This sweet little beauty was picked up by my Katie Byrd at the Salvation Army. I love that she is always looking for beautiful picture books for her mom; makes my heart smile that she loves a good book as much as I do. 

I now have a new favorite to add to my huge pile of favorites. I Hope you Dance! by Mark K. Sanders and Tia Sillers is beyond stinking cute! LOVE, LOVE this rhyming romp of a story for kids that sends the same message that the adult version, book and song, does.

Look at these illustrations by Buddy Jackson and Karinne Caulkins!

I mean LOOK how cute!
I hope you woggle your goggles out!

With that, I will say good bye for now. I have to use my last few days of summer freedom to clean up this mess I call home....oh and pack for my trip to San Diego to see that baby boy of mine!

Happy Reading, friends!

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  1. I love your blog! Hilarious! Thanks for the prop of my action shot of Barbara and the flying shrimp. Glad you like to laugh at things just as much as I do! Cracked me up!