Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Author's Fair Catch Up

Oh my...look at those sweet babies! I miss them so much! I cannot believe this sweet group of kiddos will be heading into 5th grade in just a few short weeks. Would it be horrible of me to say I secretly wish I could have retained them all? LOVE them!

The end of the school year was a mad rush, and this summer has not slowed down much.

But here are my sweet researchers and their Author's Fair projects.

Just a warning...this is very picture heavy, but I had to share. Just trying to get all caught up on blogging. (And enjoying reminiscing with these cutie patooties!)



We wrapped up our school year taking the time to research and reach out to some of our favorite authors. 



We then invite our parents and families to check out all our hard work.


We also invite all the lower grade levels to come and learn about all the cool authors and books out there!


Some of our authors had cool apps we could show off.

Sometimes we had to just hang out and wait for a new group to roll in.


We tried really hard to look professional!


A few of us were even lucky enough to visit with our younger siblings...


Presentations were so good...we even had a line here and there. :)

The kiddos love that their previous teachers and even our principal came to learn all about our favorite authors. 

Every year, the amount of work involved totally wears me out, and I always have a few scattered thoughts of, "Why...or whew...or not next year." Then I see my kiddos shine and have fun showing off all their hard work, and of course...we will be doing this again next year!

More posts to come soon....

Happy reading!

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