Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Fling and Discovery

Well, ladies and gents...I have another long post for you today, so I must beg your indulgence. It has only been three days since my last post, but goodness has it been a super busy three days! (I feel like I am in confessional.) fun begins with an afternoon outing with my fourth grade girlies to Garden Ridge. Now I've heard all the hoopla about the wonders of Garden Ridge, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, ever told me that I might find piles and piles of books ~INEXPENSIVE books ~ there! Just look at all those amazing piles of heaven! hehe Needless to say, I did not move from this spot, and I left my patient friends to their own devices. Check out all the great titles I snagged!  Keep reading to hear about some of my favorite new picture books...

Finally my girls pulled me away, and we headed out to enjoy a wonderfully filling lunch where Mrs. Whitt gave me a gift she picked up for me. I can't wait to wear my new lanyard! She said as soon as she saw it, she thought of me ~ sweet! We all had a quick giggle when I showed her my phone's screensaver...

My latest screen saver..LOL
My new lanyard :)
Such a fun day! 

I just thought that Friday was a busy didn't even compare to all that I ended up doing Saturday...

I think instead of writing it all out ~ I will share it my favorite pics!

Katie Byrd and I (she's not pictured) started our day with a 5K
The Cabot Spring Fling!

I was so glad to see some of my kiddos there! 

Ms. Shewmaker rocked it and came
in as the fastest teacher walker!

Katie and I might have made better time if we
didn't stop to snap pics....haha....
such a beautiful daughter I have :)

After the race, Katie and I had breakfast with some great friends before stopping by the school to get ready for an awesome week of learning. I dread the day that she doesn't enjoy coming to help me in my classroom. I think my kiddos love it each year as much as I do.

Later, we stopped by to see Josh at one of his off-duty gigs at the River Market, and on a whim Katie and I ended up at the Museum of Discovery. Josh ended up getting off a bit early and even joined in on the fun!


I love the look on her face! 

After all the fun at the Museum of Discovery...
we enjoyed dinner at Olive Garden.

One of our silly family traditions while we are in NLR
 is to stop by Books-a-Million after we eat dinner.
No telling what these two are giggling about, but again I
just love the look on her face! So happy and cute!

The only way this day could have been more perfect would have been if my boys could have been with us, but with three boys and one girl, Katie Byrd is about the only one I can get to hang out with her old mom. We were lucky to sneak in some quality time with Josh in between his off-duty jobs (hence the uniform.) to share some of my new treasures! I can't wait to see my kiddos tomorrow because I have missed them so, but I cannot wait to see their little faces when I show them our new books! 


I found a new (well, new for my library :) book from the team of Sarah Stewart and David Small. I think I might have let out a small YEP! when I put my hands on it. LOL....I first fell in love with this husband and wife duo when I read what is now my all time favorite picture book, The Friend. You can read more about it in this previous post. The Journey did NOT disappoint! It reminded me so much of their book, The Gardener. In The Journey Hannah tells the story through diary entries while in The Gardener sweet little Lydia Grace tells her story through her letters home. Both stories are so moving, and I love the compare/contrast of the letters and images! There is something so intuitive in the illustrations of David Small. He carries the story so much further!


The Monster Diaries by Luciano Saracino was so stinking cute; I just couldn't NOT get it! I love the format of this fun and quirky little story. The illustrations of Poly Bernatene have a way of making this wild group of monsters easy to relate to. Now as you read, be sure to pay careful to each diary entry...lots to infer here!

OK...I can tell that this post is forever-long, but just a couple more. I promise.

This next precious little picture book is also illustrated by Poly Bernatene. I fell in love with these illustrations as much as I did The Monster Diaries. The Tickle Tree by Chae Strathie is so whimsical and hopeful at the same time. In the beginning of the year, as we establish our writing workshop and our notebooking, we discuss that one of the things we can write about are those wild and unanswerable questions that we all have. This fanciful little fantasy is an amazing example of this! I cannot wait to use it in the launch of our notebooking next year and as a great reminder here in the thick and hard haul of the year. What a perfect pause to all the writing prompts and texting practice! I will for sure be keeping my eye out for this illustrator...Mr. Bernatene has grabbed my attention, and I look forward to finding more of his great work.

OK....last one for the night....

This Humpty-Dumpty~ish little story is so fun and silly. "The egg was young. It didn't listen. If only..." I can't wait to giggle with my kiddos over this one, and even more I cannot wait to see their little faces when we hit the end. "If only...." We have a great study of theme in this happy with what you have, maybe...patience maybe....

Thanks for indulging me. 

Happy Reading! last little thing to share...and only because I have listened to it about a half dozen times as I have written. I don't know how many American Idol fans read this, but this season Kree is my favorite. :)


  1. I just want you to know that I love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing all of your books. I, too, love picture books and can never get enough for my class! Thank you for your suggestions!

    Teaching Fourth

    1. Thanks Kelly! I sure do appreciate the kind words. :)

      I love following not only your blog, but I love your Pinterest boards, too! I think your pins directed a lot of my latest followers, thanks for that...

      and thanks for all that you share as well.