Sunday, March 10, 2013

Commitment and One Love

The sound of rain outside and the savory smell of beef stew in the crock pot has made for one happy, happy girl this morning. I am blessed to have a relaxing moment to blog and reflect on our week. We had a busy but somewhat normal week. The normalcy of calm and structure helped us accomplish much.

My kiddos are loving these stories...

We are still enjoying The Lightning Thief, more and more each day actually. This has prompted me to buy many more titles in the series as students are clamoring for more! If I have a kiddo asking for a title, I make it my goal to have one ready to put in his hands. (Hence the hoarding tendencies :) 

This time of the year tends to be a bit on the crazy side as we have all become comfortable with each other and sometimes bad habits tend to take root. Last week we took a few minutes during our morning meetings to reestablish some of our commitments to each other and discuss what we might add to this list.

Our Commitments



Above are a few of our morning messages for the week. I love our messages for a number of reasons. I love getting to connect with the kids on a personal level, all the while slipping in academics here and there. We have focused much on kinds of sentences, prepositional phrases, parts of speech, figurative language and misc. punctuation issues.

Friday's message in particular cracks me up because although I did not require students to respond, after finding that I did not feel well, most kiddos left me a little note of get well....such a precious, sweet class I have!  Their kind thoughts seemed to have work; I am happy to say that I am feeling much better at the moment and have fingers crossed that tomorrow morning will having me feeling more myself.


I have much to accomplish this afternoon once I pull myself from my blog hopping! I am still working on some final edits on more than a few research papers, along with responding to many letters in reader's notebooks. As much time as it takes, these letters are one of my favorite things. I love seeing how my kiddos think as they read! So cute some of their think!

Now of course on to some sweet picture books...

I want to start with one that I just had to read last week after the tension of not only a math and reading district wide assessment, but the following frustration of a writing assessment. Not only are my kiddos frustrated with testing, but their poor teacher is missing teaching them! For this alone, I had to share with my kiddos Hooray For Diffendoofer Day! by Dr. Seuss, with the help of Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith. I hope to one day be as free and confident in all that I teach so that all  might call me Miss Bonkers.... LOL!

I do believe that it was just last week that I mentioned how Dr. Seuss was never one to stray from making a moral stand for what he believed in ~ and oh how I love his writing for it!    How appropriate then to share one of my other Seuss favorites... Yertle the Turtle. Everyone gets their comeuppance in the end, and Yertle is no different! A plain little turtle named Mack gave Yertle the Turtle, king of them all, a lesson he would not soon forget. Seuss pulls you so easily into the themes of his stories...Yertle learns, as we all should, to be happy with what you have.

The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill and Laura Huliska-Beith is a soft look at bullying, a conversation-starting look at bullying. Mean Jean herself is the recess queen and no one moves without say so from her. This rhyming frolic through the playground opens our eyes to what just might make a bully. A light-hearted look yes ~ but a definite conversation starter!

One last picture book for the night... this one is a sweet addition to our library from the last book fair. I picked this one up for a number of reasons. First, I love Marley's song One Love, but you know what a pushover I am for a good note from the author. Cedella Marley goes on to explain what influenced her to create a picture book, One Love, inspired by her father's song of the same name. We really enjoyed this cute little story, and we loved even more listening to the inspiration behind it later, such a fun little brain break for us. 

One last thought before I tackle my stacks and stacks and stacks of paper LOL....I want to shout out to Deb at Primary in Idaho for sharing our blog with her followers. She had many nice things to say about our own little corner of the blogging world, so be sure to stop by and check hers out. :)

Happy Reading!

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