Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making memories

As this is the first post all week, I am warning you ahead of time; be prepared for a long and (somewhat) rambling review of this crazy, busy week, full of amazing pics. hehe

I am wondering, if here in the blogging world, when you make mention of "whew...the busiest week ever," karma stands up and considers this a challenge... because let me just say that karma rose to the challenge of last week's "I've been so busy" post and (I am scared to say) delivered me one absolutely "busiest week ever!"

However, I must say that I am not complaining! I have made a ton of wonderful and unforgettable memories this week, and I am considering it challenge met. ;)

Many of the teachers of our school started our week off with what many in the sporting world might say resembles kickball. Not sure I would call anything I did on that field "kickball." Hmmm...what name would be befitting? How about, "Oh - please - don't - kick - it - out - here - ball!"  

Oh, all right, I am just teasing; it was tons of fun and many times (honestly, most times) quite comical, and I think we will be doing it again next week. 


I sure work with a great group of girls! So lucky to have such great teammates!

Later, our team then spent some quality time in a historical cemetery in Little Rock. Yes ~ a cemetery! A local drama club hosts Tales from the Crypt. A group of us signed up, had a fun dinner, then headed out to the cemetery when it got good and dark. The whole night was so much fun AND educational. hehe...I can't wait to go again!


Such a sad story in Arkansas History portrayed so well by the actors

Again, a great group of girls to make memories with!

So, my thoughts were to come home on Wednesday and post some witty and amazingly well written post (are you laughing yet?) about all of the fantastical things that happen in my classroom, but well, I don't know, this teacher came home and sat down for just a moment and didn't move until the next morning. Sign of my age, maybe, but I managed one night of rest before our class headed out to the field trip of the year. 

Our kiddos look forward to this trip for most of their elementary years. Fourth graders come rolling back into the school with smiles plastered to their faces, laughing and giggling about all the fun they had. Every little kid around them soon learns that hitting fourth grade means heading out to two days and a night of 4H Camp.

Check out the slideshow of all the fun our kiddos had Thursday and Friday! The only thing missing are the pics of the teachers looking like they had been run over by a truck. Crazy fun makes you (the you here being the adult, slightly aged teacher) crazy tired I guess. :)


To say that this field trip is SO MUCH FUN would not even begin to cover all that it is! I truly enjoy this experience each and every year for all that it is. I learn so much about my kiddos, and I love that the students that don't always shine in the classroom become little heroes for their classmates to look up to as they zoom up the rock wall or perfectly paddle around the lake or reel in their third catfish or create the most delicious smore or hit the bulls-eye ..are you seeing a pattern here? LOL

Friday ended with me in my bed looking and feeling like a zombie. I was silly enough to think that I might squeak out a post before passing out, but yet again, this did not happen. What was I thinking? Who knows? Talk about not our infinite wisdom, Sarah and I scheduled a 5K for the morning after 4H camp! Holy cow!!! 
No worries though...we made it! Whoop, Whoop!  Not only did we cross the finish line, but we made our best time yet! So excited about that! 

Looking not quite as fresh

So that is a very quick rundown of a very busy week. Still - as tired as I am now, I wouldn't take back a minute of it! I had tons and tons of fun and giggles! You just can't beat that!

Now for some picture book fun!

One of my favorite seasonal books to share is Halloween by Jerry Seinfeld. Now, I don't share this so much because I think the kiddos will have the connections, but rather, I share it because my connections are so strong that I can't help but giggle every time I share it! I love for them to see me connect so strongly to something that makes me happy. I think most of you adults out there will get it! 
How much fun is this! Reminds me of being a kid!

This next little beauty is one of my purchases from the book fair this year. Yes it is a David Catrow! I fall in love with his illustrations more with each book, and my kiddos can point out a Catrow in a heartbeat, LOL. Monster Mash is a whimsically illustrated take on an old song that just like Seinfeld's Halloween, most of us adults will have stronger connections with than my kiddos, but I love it!

Now that I have shared some seasonal fun, here is one that I cannot believe that we have not already talked about. The Best Story Ever by Eileen Spinelli was a perfect start to looking at our narrative and how we really need to write from the heart. Write what moves you! 
With that, I will say for now, happy reading!

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