Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I love most about my classroom

I am so excited and nervous to join Caitlin at Journey Through Elementary for her fun linky.

I saw her post this morning and as I thought about it, I could not think of one thing that I love more than anything else or that I haven't ALREADY SHARED in the last two posts.... I know I am driving you guys bonkers with the room posts...

Here, I talked all about my new learning environment, and I could hear the collective groan from here if I mentioned it again so soon.....and here, I went on and on about how excited I was for this year's classroom reveal. 

So there was the rub...what could I share that I had not already shared in the past week that wouldn't be like beating a dead horse.

Then it hit me, and I hope Caitlin can forgive me for taking liberties with this because I know that every single teacher that will link up with her, including her, will feel the same.

What I LOVE MOST about my classroom.... are all the amazing kiddos I share it with each year.

Have you seen those lovely signs all over Pinterest.... What I love most about my classroom is who I share it with! Everytime I see that I think how absolutely perfect and how do I get me one of those!

Those of you that have followed me for a bit, or even just this week haha, know how hard I have worked to make everything about my room inviting and comfortable for us. I know that you realize how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new setting, and how excited I am to be in it everyday. 

But really.... what matters... what I love... are those sweet kids. I know that loving them, reaching them, is ALL that matters. They are what drive me to be the best teacher I can...they are what drive me to create the best environment I can...and in the grand scheme of it all....they are my most favorite thing about my classroom.

Now there ARE about a million other things I love about my room, and you can read the last two posts to get a feel for them if you haven't already.... I thought I would spare my faithful followers the broken record. ;) 

Just be sure to stop by Journey Through Elementary to check out what others are loving about this upcoming year.

Happy Reading, friends!

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  1. You are so right! All the classroom love is for the kids! Thanks for joining us!

  2. I ♥ this Tina!!! It's so true. I can't wait to meet this new group of students and create awesome memories! Great Post!

  3. I love how you mention the kiddos as your favorite thing. They are one of mine too! I get to meet mine at open house tomorrow night and I cannot wait! Have a great year!