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Currently Classroom Reveal 2015 is that time of the month again...time to hook up with Farley for another Currently. It has been a while since I have linked up with this amazing linky, and I am super excited to link up with this year's classroom reveal on this post. When you are done here, be sure to check out all of the other amazing blogs at Farley! Oh and don't forget the rule of 3. :)

Those of you that know me well, know that I am not a person that generally does well with change, and don't you just know how much that drives my hubby bonkers! However, this summer has been all about recreating - CHANGING gasp!- my classroom, and I LOVE IT!

While I would love to talk about all that led up to this reveal, I think I will save the why and how for another post. For now...let's just jump right in and take a look. I hope you like it as much as I do. So hold on tight ladies and gents and prepare for an overload of pics....

Welcome to room 506...the BEST fourth grade class ever ;)

The view just as you enter the room.
Still standing at the door, looking back to the library
Looking to the desk

Small bulletin board behind my desk...
look at that collection of butterflies that
kiddos have given me over the years :) place for current newsletters and lunch menus

Walking toward the front of the room... carpet & meeting area

Standing in the front of the room looking toward the student cubbies

Because we do not have desks, each student gets
 a canvas bag to decorate... all personal items
go into the bag and can be carried back and forth
from one class to another ~ This one was decorated
by my sweet friend, Vicki!

Still in the front... looking towards the library

I fell in love with this little book table,
 and it became the perfect place for both our "Who Was" and "I Am" series.

Our largest library... I have worked diligently to add as many titles as possible.

Lots of great pillows and bean bags to use around the room during reading workshop.

Baskets are organized by subject, series, genre, or author.


Baskets and books are numbered to help kiddos return them.

Our Caldecott library

This library is full of multiple copy texts and used for teacher recommendations or small groups.

This is an older pic, but I wanted to show you a close up
of the string and clips across the small group library...
this will be used to hang anchor charts throughout
the sure hurts my soul a little every year
to cover such a pretty shelf with anchors but
with limited wall do what you have to LOL 


These tables are for the kiddos that still prefer to sit at a table. :)


My computer - then turning towards our nonfiction library with another small seating area.

Again...another old pic..but
I wanted to show  you a close up...
when it is time to rotate anchors...
this is perfect for storing my extras or out
of date anchors that I can't bear to throw out

Our graphic novel library. 

 Moving toward our carpetw/hole group area. 
Morning meetings and mini-lessons take place here.
The texts at the bottom of the chart are the mentor texts that have been pulled weekly or as needed.

Our mentor text library... 
here with the pillows in front.
When using the pillows, kiddos must remember the three "B's" - bellies, bottoms, and backs. 

Mentor text library with pillows moved. 

Books are alphabetized by author...
This is an older pic - you can get a glimpse of our old rug.
I can not tell you just how much I love our new rug!


These are both gifts from former kiddos... 
they know me so well. :)


An area to display student work in the classroom, and another seating area for kiddos. 

Just one more shelf - one more way to bring more books in :)
I added a couple more series baskets and an author basket this summer.

You may have noticed our collection of stools. 
Students may sit on the stools, or use them as a hard writing surface if they are sitting on the floor.

The view from my desk, looking back towards the library.

Standing in the library...first looking towards my desk and then towards the door.

Love this little photo display...some pictures are from my first year. :) I work with an amazing group of ladies! 
On my door I have started displaying the graduation invites that I recieve from former kiddos. I am missing a few, but I excited for current kiddos to see this collection grow. 

This is where book recommendation cards will be displayed.
this board is located just outside of our classroom.

Another area for us to display our awesome work!

Well that is it! I know there is sooooo much more to teaching than what your room looks like, but since the kiddos and I will spend so much time this year in this room, I wanted it to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. AND I wanted to give the kiddos as many different options as possible. I hope they love it as much as I do!

Be sure to check back.... working on my next post - Why I Tossed my Tables!

Super excited to join Schroeder Shenanigans and Lucky Little Learners for their 2nd annual Classroom Reveal Linky. I already had my reveal post done, so I am just adding this to the sure to stop by and check out all the other classroom reveals out there.

Happy Reading, friends!

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  1. I LOVE all the books in your room-that's amazing! The furniture is really cool as well-the kids must love coming in there!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. OMGsh your room and library = GORGEOUS!

  3. I love all of your "real" furniture! What a huge classroom. Looks awesome.

    Fun in Fourth

  4. "Go away, I'm reading" haha I love it!! Beautiful room! Have a great school year!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

    1. Thank you :) Hope you have a great school year as well. Can't believe it came so quickly!

  5. Your room is my dream room! I am trying to get rid of my desks, slowly but surely...

    1. BEST decision I ever made getting rid of desks :) So lucky to have a principal that is open to something different!

  6. Wow - I'm impressed with your room! How many students do you have? I can't imagine having such flexibility with my room design. In our building, we weren't even allowed to have rugs let alone plush chairs! Hope your year goes well!


  7. OMG! I am in love... I thought I had bunches of books! That wall of books is my favorite.. Terrific room. I do love the no desks idea!

  8. Your classroom has such a homey feel to it! I love it. I also love the no desks!
    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs