Saturday, October 12, 2013

4H Camp and Homecoming :)

What a beautiful Friday we had at 4H Camp! I just LOVE this field  trip. The C.A. Vines 4H Center is part of the Arkansas Outdoor School (AOS) and offers such fun experience-based activities! This was my ninth year to attend, and I loved it just as much as the first time.

Our kiddos participated in archery, fishing, canoeing, and rock wall climbing. Watching my sweet students experience some of these things for the very first time always makes me smile, and the students that have the hardest time sitting still in a classroom seem to learn and share the most. Such an awesome opportunity for them to shine!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page to see all the great pics we took during our visit. 

Vilonia had their homecoming this weekend. After all my 4H fun, I came home to watch our football team win our homecoming game. With all the injuries this year, I could not be more proud for them to win that game. 

Tonight, my boys are at their Homecoming dance. Love my handsome boys! boys and
their serious faces!

Well, that is two posts in a row with little academics...I will have to get back to some hard work soon! :) 

Happy Reading, friends!

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