Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dark Confessions

OK...I have to admit something. I almost hate to do so because I have no doubts that I will have some pretty discontented kiddos come Monday morning. I only admit it now half hoping to see how many of said kiddos will read this post and let me know all about it!

I know that I have mentioned that we have stolen a few minutes at the end of each day to enjoy a read aloud here and there. Our latest adventure has taken us into the Dark Life by Kat Falls.

Well, on to confessions...this was my first time to read it, and my kiddos have seemed to like that we were talking through and predicting events together. (Wow! Some deep conversations, for sure!) All the same, after reading it Friday afternoon, the story kept calling to me, and...well, you guessed it: I just could not help but to finish it.

Although my kiddos will probably let me know exactly what their thoughts are on this matter come next week, I can promise you it was worth whatever grief I just might face. I have fallen in love with Kat Falls, and the wonderful world she has created in Dark Life. I cannot wait to continue sharing it with my sweet and excited class! I have a few kiddos in mind that are chomping at the bit to see what will happen next, and they will not be disappointed! here are a few wonderful picture books for you!

The first book is not for the faint of heart, LOL....but it is most surely one to bring hoots of laughter from your kiddos ~ boys more than girls, of course! This new addition to our library was a gift from a student that told me as soon as she saw it, she knew it should be in my classroom. (Not exactly sure what that says about my classroom or my smelly kiddos, hehe)  Pee-ew! Is That you, Bertie? by David Roberts is a hysterical look at something no doubt encountered by all classroom teachers. It also doesn't hurt that it is crammed with (you won't be surprised I am sure) tons and tons of thoughtfully crafted onomatopoeia! Didn't take my kiddos long to notice that!

Looks like Bertie is not the only smelly one in the family!
I also have no doubts that most families have experienced the above. LOL

The next book I want to share is Fiona's Luck by Teresa Bateman. I couldn't tell you exactly why I love St. Patrick's Day or leprechaun books as much as I do, but these books are some of my favorites. Maybe it's because I love to try to throw out an Irish lilt here and there as I read, and while I am under no illusion that it is a good one, the kiddos don't seem to mind it. :) Fiona is a beautiful, smart, and sassy character, and I love that she doesn't wait to find luck but makes it for herself! It doesn't hurt that Kelly Murphy did a beautiful job with the illustrations!

Last, but not least, Our Children Can Soar by Michelle Cook is stunning look at history and perseverance.  I love the story and its message. Michelle Cook did a marvelous job of demonstrating what true inspiration, hard work, and determination can help others achieve. So beautiful!

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