Monday, December 10, 2012

Keep Calm

So I saw this on Pinterest, and well...yep...I will have to try to make it. if someone would be so kind as to let my kiddos know. 

Yes ~ we are all so excited and ready for a break, but I have so much left to cram into their sweet little heads. Was that very responsive classroom of me? Oh well, they know I am kidding...I do love my sweet kiddos. You know I brag on them all the time!

We are furiously planning and drafting our opinion pieces. I think this will be my favorite to read so far. I love how my kiddos are always so full of opinions, and it would break my heart if they suddenly couldn't express those opinions. I better hear some cute little voices in there! 

I just wanted to share a reader's notebook entry that makes my heart sing! I want every book my kiddos read to be the best book, yet! It only gets better with every page! Keep turning guys...just wait to see what happens in the next one!

Look at the adorable stockings a parent
brought in for our kiddos Christmas party!

So I was wondering the other day if anyone has been keeping count of exactly how many picture books I have shared since I started this crazy quest to share one great picture book a day. I am still debating if sharing many books a couple times a week counts, but at this point it is the best I can do...and since this is my blog ;) and I make up the rules...well, I am counting them!

Before I share some new ones we have read, I want to revisit my ALL TIME favorite Christmas picture book, Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed.

Mr. Breathed has perfectly narrated the tale of his father ~ the self-proclaimed Red Ranger of Mars. This sour-faced little boy is sent to spend Christmas on the damp little island of Vashon were in the end the true meaning of Christmas and faith prevails over "promises hatched by those who weren't very good at keeping them..." and other such twaddle.

I just had to share a few more kiddos LOVED it!

Funny what belief in someone can do!


Red Ranger Came Calling, Berkeley Breathed

The Spirit of Christmas by Nancy Tillman is another new favorite of mine. These illustrations are beyond amazing! This is such a beautiful story, and my kiddos truly loved it today. You know when you have boys calling out how beautiful the illustrations are ~ well then you have something magical don't you! This lyrical rhyming story, like many at this time of year, reminds us what is truly special and magical. Reading this story reminded me so much of my Katie Byrd...grown up and out making it out on her own..."the best part of Christmas will always be you beneath my Christmas tree."

This next book reminds me of my boys...The Longest Christmas List Ever by Gregg and Evan Spiridellis. Again, another fun rhyming book that the kiddos (boys, escpecially) LOVE! Lots of fun toys gets tossed around this one, but in the end, much like others shared tonight, it is more about the love of family and friends that makes the true spirit of Christmas. 
With that kiddos, I will say goodnight.

Happy Reading!

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