Monday, December 3, 2012

Manic Mondays

Whew...I am not sure if I should ever be out on a Thursday and Friday again. LOL, I think my kiddos missed me too much. It was a wild and crazy pretty much had MONDAY written all over it! 

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and we get to start over! How cool is that?! 

But if you want to see something to make you smile, just look at the greeting of that letter..."Dear Mrs. Wonderful Dunn." LOL...someone is working for an A+.  No really, I am just kidding! Have I mentioned how much I love reading my kiddos reader's notebooks?! You know I do tend to repeat myself. (Just in case you haven't noticed ;) No worries though right...check out these great reader's notebooks! I am so proud of these kids. 



My class has a love of Post-it Notes this year! I might have to make a supply run to get more very soon, but I don't even care one bit! I love seeing how they use them as they are reading ~ you know they do need something to write their thoughts on while I hog up their notebooks. 


Look what at I found at the end of the last school year. It was one of those random stops by my favorite place, Books-a-Million. Katie Byrd and I were wondering around the store, and of course floating around the back of my head is the idea that the last thing I need in this world is one more book. Then I happened upon this beauty! OMG...a 20th anniversary edition of one of my all time favorite books! Of course, whether I needed it or not, I was NOT walking out of the store without this one! Not only is it a wonderfully crafted story, now it is a beauty as well. Whoo hoo! Look at these gorgeous illustrations with notes from Gary Paulsen. Talk about discussions regarding where writers get ideas and author's purpose and word choice! PERFECTION at its best. :) We are sneaking in a little Gary Paulsen here and there. You can always make time for the classics!


Now! I have to brag on Mrs. Whitt, our kiddos and the work they are doing for her. Their Founding Fathers Projects have been so great, and we are so proud! Here are a few pics below. I will add more soon.


Just two picture books to share tonight. These are from the hilarious team of Mike Reiss and David Catrow. You just can't go wrong with a Catrow! Both are silly and fun rhyming books. Most of the holiday favorites make an appearance in both: turkey, pilgrims, Lincoln and Washington for Presidents' Day, even the Easter bunny. Either Santa needs a holiday from his holiday, Santa Claustrophobia, or he needs to recover from a knock-out punch by a Jack-in-the-boxer, How Murray Saved Christmas. Either way, Christmas is turned upside down and has to be saved. My kiddos really giggled at poor Murray and his fashionable unmentionables when they make an appearance. I swear I could look at a David Catrow book all day and still not see all that he has to offer.

Happy Reading!

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