Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nothing Ever Happens at Southside

Hello, hello my sweet friends. I have hijacked my hubbies hot spot to finally get on and get another post out there.

Our internet is still spotty at best, and posting from my phone is pretty challenging...I gave it a shot...I bravely typed away for a bit, then went back to read what my clumsy thumbs left behind. Oh my....

So here I am playing a little bit of catch up to share the some of the awesome happenings in our classroom.

As many of you know, launching writing workshop is one of my most favorite parts of the year. I love to immerse the kiddos in as many great little picture books as I can! Many of them are my go-to favorites, but every year I try to add new ones to our collection.

I started last week with Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter. This seems to be a go-to for most teachers, and no wonder as it is jam packed with amazing language and great advice to new writers. It is a bit on the wordy side, so this year I broke up the lesson over two days. After reading the first half of the book, we took a tour of Southside to see if..."Nothing Ever Happens at Southside."


As we walked around the school, kiddos wrote down everything they saw or heard.


After day two, we came in and started writing our own stories.


We then shared our stories. The kiddos got a kick out of seeing all the different ways to write about the same ideas.

Our morning meetings have been a blast! These kiddos have been in a Responsive Classroom building for quite a few years now, so every morning comes easy to them. We have greeted each other in many ways already this year, but our Snowball Fight is by far their favorite greeting. We each wrote our name on a piece of paper and wadded it up to become our snowball. When I called go, snowballs went flying amid gales of laughter. When I called stop, kiddos picked up the closest snowball and greeted the owner of the snowball. 

I know this post is short and sweet, but I want to get a bit out while I can. Hopefully more posts will follow this week!

Happy Reading, friends!

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