Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Happy Saturday friends...

My day started off very lazy as Mr. Dunn and I tried to catch up on some pretty serious zzzzz's we've been missing out on.

But all good things must come to an end, and we had to get up and get moving...too many things to do!! I managed to pull myself out of my comfy bed to run errands and do a bit of work in the classroom.

Tonight I am joining Miss Nelson for her Saturday Snapshots while I've got a bit of Saturday left. :)

Earlier this week, I was going through some old papers and found this note from Katie Byrd...I had to text it to her just to remind her, haha....You can't see it, but in the corner she had written "you're my idol"....ahhh...the good old days!

This week has been full of pet drama and so much worry...(hence the lack of sleep.) Joshua thought his new baby girl swallowed a penny which can be very dangerous for a little one because of zinc poisoning. We had a few worried days waiting for the penny to make its appearance, and when it didn't, we had to get he is waiting for the news...all turned out well.

Our next pet worry was the worst ever...our sweet boy Clancy was in an accident and as a result he had to lose one of his eyes. It was very traumatic for all involved (again, much lack of sleep)...but when we went to pick up our sweet little pirate, as we are calling him now, he wagged his tail as if nothing ever happened. The vet said I was probably more traumatized than he will be. I sure love this sweet boy and am so relieved to have him home on the mend!

I swear he looks happy regardless...little angel!

When I stopped by my classroom today, I found a note on my desk from my crazy flamingo friend Vicki ...she had borrowed my room to do some tutoring while her neck of the woods was being waxed. After working for a bit, I started noticing Post It notes like this all around the room. Sure made me smile after such a stressful week - I just love my flamingo friends!

She  is ready for some beach time! Me, too!!!!

No particular reason for adding this one other than I think it is pretty :)

Flamingos and Butterflies

Joshua and I made it out for a very southern (aka amazingly fattening and yummy) breakfast. 

Found another pic of one of my murals...really makes me want to find the time to paint again! 

This was our local news...can you believe?!...poisonous MEETballs? REALLY?! LOL...can't wait to share this one with my new kiddos when we hit this set of homophones....

That's it for me! Be sure to stop by Miss Nelsons and check out all the other Saturday Snapshots!

Happy Reading, friends!


  1. So sorry about your week. I'm also sorry for both of your little pups. I hope they are ok. My little Cooper ate my Erin Condren Planner. I was mad but couldn't be too made because he's so cute. They look so much alike.
    Glad your friend cheered you up.

    1. Miss Nelson,

      The pups are all doing well, :) and I can only imagine how upsetting it was to lose your planner! It really is a good thing puppies are so stinking cute. LOL


  2. Oh my goodness... your puppies are adorable! Poor Clancy - he doesn't look to upset though. I love your mural!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Lisa,

      Clancy is doing much better, and you wouldn't think a thing had happened.