Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution time...

Wow...I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted anything! I have thoroughly enjoyed my break and whew...I have been thoroughly lazy! I spent time hanging out with my own kiddos, playing in the beautiful snow, enjoying long days in bed with my favorite books, and eating entirely too much. Which brings me to resolutions....

So although January 1st has come and gone, I am just now getting to resolutions. I figured I would start them all as soon as I go back to school, so that means TOMORROW! Holy Cow...our break is over and tomorrow we are back to the real world.

Southside Biggest Loser ~ here I come! I cannot wait to get back on track! I am sharing here and tomorrow with the kiddos because I have found that the more people I share with, the more I hold myself accountable.

Now, of course winning Southside's very own Biggest Loser, wink wink, is not my only resolution this year. I usually have somewhat the same plans, and I succeed at some more than others but here are my goals: continue becoming a healthier person and run, run, run; work hard on becoming a more organized person, at home and school; and dag-nab it, make myself a rich person by becoming so incredibly smart with money, hehe! Wish me luck! I can't wait to see what goals my kiddos make for themselves tomorrow!

I have just one sweet book to share with you tonight. Come to think of  it: I wonder if keeping up with my effort to share one picture book a day should be one of my resolutions? Oh well, any-whhooooo, I just love The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town by Mary Casanova, and looky here, looky copy just so happens to be signed by the illustrator Mr. Ard Hoyt. What a sweet gift from one of my sweet kiddos!

Just look at these precious illustrations!
Well you see, Dirk Yeller is a jumpy, jittery, itchen, twitchen, bad guy, and just guess what he discovers... he discovers that the more he reads, well, the less he itches and twitches. The more he reads the less he jumps and jitters. You won't believe the wonderful things that befall him as he discovers the wonders of reading! What a fun way of sharing the love of reading with my kiddos.

I'll let Dirk Yeller help me say goodnight for now...happy reading!

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